On Wednesday the 5th of August some students from Grades 5 and 6 went to Wareena Park to compete against other schools from Wangaratta and the surrounding area in soccer. Everybody played extremely well but the two people who stood out the most were Jake Molinaro and Georgia Collard-Southgate. The reason why Jake stood out was because he carried the ball all the way from the other team’s end and then scored our only goal. Well done Jake! The reason why Georgia was great was because even though she had not much experience she was an incredible goalie who saved about seven goals. Unfortunately one got through, but Georgia did not let this get to her and she continued to play amazingly. Well done Georgia! But one award has to go to Elijah Nyman, who was the muddiest player on the field! He was literally a mud monster! Everyone had their fair share of mud on themselves too, as the ground became more muddy and slippery as the day went on!