Students from Wangaratta West Primary School recently had a special visitor to the school for the purpose of teaching students how to behave safely around dogs, particularly dogs that belong to other people.  Layla, accompanied by her owner Carolyn Sims, had a very calming effect on the children who were very attentive to the tools taught about how to approach a dog that is a not known to us. 

The 4 easy steps included stop, ask permission from the owner to pat their dog, offer the back of your hand for the dog to sniff and then pat them calmly on their back.  The incidence of children being bitten by dogs has been quite alarming in the past, but thanks to the educational programs in schools such as the one Carolyn presented to us, the number is decreasing.

Thankyou Layla and Carolyn for showing us how to be safe when playing with our own dogs and meeting other people's dogs.