Wangaratta West Primary School offers Before School Care, After School Care and Holiday Care on the school grounds.

Where possible (excluding public holidays) a pupil free day session is available (see Holiday Care information).  

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Before School Care

Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) Wangaratta West OSHC will offer care from 6.30am, with a breakfast service at 7am until 8am. Breakfast options will include;

  • Fresh seasonal fruits and/or yoghurt

  • Cereal (weetbix, rice bubbles and corn flakes)

  • Wholemeal toast and crumpets with a variety of spreads

  • Water and milk to drink

Children will (as per the weekly program plan) also be invited to join in cooking breakfast foods such as porridge and pancakes. Children will be allowed to walk from the OSHC room to their classes at 8.45am. Prep children will be accompanied by one of the educators on staff.

Planned activities for the Before School Care component include simple arts and crafts, board games and card games, scrap booking, utilising our library and supplementary resources from the High Country Library Corporation (such as audio stories and iPlay devices), play dough and access to the resources on the shelving within the OSHC room. 


After School Care

Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) Wangaratta West OSHC offers care from 3.20pm, with a snack provided at 3.40pm. Our snack always begins with a platter of fresh fruits and vegetables. Depending on the weekly menu plan children will then be offered;

  • Raisin toast and/or Crumpets

  • Plain wholemeal toast with a variety of spreads

  • Dry biscuits with dips and cheese, dried fruits and/or yoghurt 

(Children are welcome to bring their lunch boxes in also.)

We regularly engage in cooking activities at After School Care. These activities are planned for immediately after our fresh fruit and vegetable platters to ensure everyone gets a chance to eat their baked goods. 

Planned activities are provided to children to utilise our school's resources and grounds. This includes but is not limited to playground time, access to the sports shed equipment, sand pit time, group games and sports, art and craft experiences in the art room, scrap booking (each child has their own book to keep in the OSHC room), access to our school's library and resources from the High Country Library Corporation (iPlay devices and audio stories), play dough, dress ups and music.

Children have regular access to a shelving unit containing a mixture of toys, board games, card games, blocks, match box cars, drawing and writing materials and lego. This allows the children to make choices for what they would like to do with their time if they do not feel like engaging in planned options.  

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Holiday Care

Throughout the school holidays from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) Wangaratta West OSHC offers care from 6.30am until 6pm. The holiday care program allows for a far greater range of activities to be enjoyed as the session is much longer. Children engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor planned and spontaneous activities. The program specifies the planned activities for each day and is available a fortnight before each holiday care session begins. 

 There is no food provided throughout the holiday care program unless the program specifies a cooking activity. Children must bring along their lunchbox with enough food and drink to last them for the amount of time they will be participating in the program each day. Although children can wear casual clothing (not their school uniform) it is important while attending the holiday care program that children adhere to the other specifications of the uniform policy. Specifically points of; jewellery, footwear, sun smart guidelines and naming children's clothing.  


Enrolment and Bookings

To enrol for Before School Care, After School Care or Holiday Care an enrolment form must be completed in full and returned prior to children being able to attend. To obtain a copy of the current enrolment form for OSHC, please email Maree at or phone her on 0407 004 059. We are able to process a regular ongoing booking or simply a casual one off place depending on your needs. Children cannot attend the Out of School Hours program without making a booking.  

To make a booking, please contact Maree on 0407 004 059.

  • Bookings for Before School Care are accepted until 6pm on the evening prior. If you have a place booked and you do not cancel it you will be invoiced the full fee. 

  • After School Care bookings are accepted until 2pm daily. If we do not have a cancellation prior to this you will be invoiced the full fee. 

  • Holiday Care program bookings are able to be made a fortnight before each school holiday session. Once the school holiday program has begun no cancellations are accepted. If the booked place is not used you will be invoiced the full fee. If once the school holiday program has begun you need to make an additional booking for the program you need to speak to the Supervisor of the session by calling 0407004059. 

Cost and Child Care Benefit

As an Out of School Hours Care service we are registered for you to claim a child care benefit. If you are entitled to a child care benefit then the session fee is minus the allocated CCB percentage. 

  • Before School Care is $15 per session.

  • After School Care is $20 per session.

  • Holiday Care program is $55 per session
    **It is important you read the holiday care program as there may be additional charges on some days to cover incursions, excursions or special activities. These additional charges are not subject to any child care benefit.   

Late collection fees will be applied to your account should you collect your child after the designated closing time. These are $15 per child, per half hour over the closing time.

Should you have any questions regarding the Out of School Hours Care service please contact the coordinator Maree on 0407 004 059.